US Based Article Authors; Write More Location Based Articles for Other Countries

If you are an online article author based in the United States of America you should be riding location based articles; that is to say articles which target a specific region or city in the United States. But why stop in the United States? There are human civilizations and cities throughout the world. Think globally and act locally as they say; or rather think globally and write locally.

It is very wise to write location-based articles but also consider all the cities in Canada too. Those of us who are considered experts in our fields obviously get emails from all over the world. I know I do. In the last month, I have had emails from Australia, Quebec, Kuwait, Dubai, Bermuda, Spain, Morocco, Mexico City, Monterrey and Costa Rica. When corresponding with these folks they will explain the differences there and the need for your product or service.

You can then use your answers and modifications and considerations in problem solving as articles. In my case of on-site cleaning there are water issues, reclaim issues, narrow streets, regulations, duties and import taxes and such. All of this makes very interesting articles and can help others searching on the Internet for information.

And having been to three continents now, I can certainly see the need for Planetary Distribution of articles and information as well. Hey all human civilizations need things and knowledge and the online article authors in the United States of America have more than enough to spread Around the Globe. Why have a War; Just trade goods, services and information. Consider all this in 2006.

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